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The Fashion Debates: What Role Does Fashion Play In The War On Plastic?

The call to reduce our plastic usage has been loud and urgent. While fashion has been called out for its excessive use of synthetic fabrics which are putting microplastics in our water supply, recycled plastic is also becoming one of the coolest new materials around being used in everything from trainers, to swimwear, to suits.

The Fashion Debates returns for another evening at The House of St Barnabas members’ club for a discussion on what fashion can do to join the fight against the war on plastic led by an expert panel.

What are the main causes of plastic pollution from the fashion industry and how do we reduce it? How much plastic could fashion save from going to waste? Can fashion make plastic-free consumer solutions stylish? We’ll be covering these vital questions, plus come with your own questions to put to the panel.

The evening:
7pm Welcome drinks
7:30pm Panel debate
8pm: Questions from the audience
8:30pm Networking

The panel:

About The House of St Barnabas:
The House of St Barnabas is a charity pledging to break the cycle of homelessness and social exclusion in London. They run a social enterprise, a not-for-profit members’ club, to help the people they support back into lasting paid work. Their Employment Academy offers accredited qualifications, on-site work experience, real job opportunities and mentoring. The House of St Barnabas are seeking to redefine the notion of a members’ club, to challenge stereotypes around the idea of exclusivity and to create a different kind of membership. The club is a creative, socially conscious and vibrant space.