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Welcome to the Together Street Challenge! Each month, we'll be sending out a ‘challenge’ to those who have in some way committed to making changes when it comes to our clothes. The challenges will give us ideas of things to read, listen to, watch, or do so we can move from being people who ‘think’ about change to people who ‘are’ making changes. There will be an ‘easy to achieve’ challenge and then ‘going deeper’ options for those who have more time available. It's never too late to sign up so why not do it now?! 

New Year’s Eve may feel like the long and distant past… but do you remember having a few moments to reflect and think about what changes you'd like to make in the coming year? Well, that’s what the first part of our challenge is about. It is never too late to take stock and re-evaluate!

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The Challenge

Part 1
The challenge is to pause for one whole minute to evaluate where you are on this journey and what you'd like to change by the end of the year. Click on this to help you think for a moment. We can confidently say our survey should take you no more than one minute and one second, because the very clever Survey Monkey people tell us this is the average time it takes people to fill it in. What is it that you'd like to learn about and change this year? This is a journey we want to make together, so we'd love to hear from you. As soon as an idea pops in to your head, message us on facebook, instagram or twitter. Or drop us a line here!

Part 2
The second part of our challenge is a good ‘un. If you are new to thinking about ethical, sustainable, or fair trade fashion, there couldn’t be a better introduction to it than watching The True Cost documentary. You need to
a) Grab a friend
b) Watch the documentary on Netflix  iTunes, or Amazon. 

What impacted you most? What did you learn? What might you do next? Get in touch and tell us your thoughts!

Abi Aston Payne